Join the GO-VIKING Open Lecture on “Flow-Induced Vibration: The Numerical Approach”

image de Join the GO-VIKING Open Lecture on “Flow-Induced Vibration: The Numerical Approach”

The GO-VIKING consortium is excited to announce the upcoming Open Lecture on Flow-Induced Vibration (FIV) scheduled for May 30th, 2024. Hosted by Dr. Ir. Alexander van Zuijlen from TU Delft, this virtual event promises to delve deep into the numerical modeling of flow-induced vibrations and their significant implications across various engineering domains.

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Flow-induced vibrations play a critical role in numerous real-life engineering applications, spanning aerospace, civil, maritime, and nuclear engineering sectors. In this lecture, Dr. van Zuijlen will explore the intricacies of the numerical approach to model such phenomena. The discussion will revolve around the three-field approach, where the dynamics of flow, structure, and the flow domain mesh are intricately coupled. Attendees can expect insights into methods for resolving spatial and temporal coupling at the fluid-structure interface, along with a focus on the energy exchange mechanisms underlying vibration predictions.

Lecturer's Bio:

Dr. Ir. Alexander van Zuijlen is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft, renowned for his expertise in computational fluid-structure interaction. With a doctorate from TU Delft, his research focuses on developing numerical methods for multi-physics simulations and reduced-order modeling, particularly in fluid-structure interaction applications.